setting up for trade show expo

Trade Show Support: Drayage, Storage, Equipment and I&D Labor

Southern Exhibition Services takes good care of your trade show exhibitors by offering a range of support services. This frees your time and exhibitors will appreciate your careful planning and attention to their needs.

Storing supplies

When trade show exhibitors travel from out-of-town and need to ship supplies ahead of time, don't worry about storage. We've got it covered.

Exhibitors can send us their freight up to 30 days before the show. Southern Exhibition Services will track, unload, securely store and then deliver everything directly to show site when we receive access to the building.

If the building does not supply adequate onsite space for empty storage containers, we'll store them and return them to the trade show exhibitors at the end of the show.

Loading and unloading

Southern Exhibition Services has equipment for unloading and transporting trade show exhibitors' material, and well-trained, licensed professionals to operate our machinery.

  • Fork lift service

  • Two-wheeled hand carts

  • Four-wheel dollies

  • Cargo pry bars

  • Pallet Jacks

  • Rigging

  • Loading dock ramps, lift gates and dock plates

Onsite install and dismantle (I&D) labor assistance

When trade show exhibitors need help setting up, Southern Exhibition Services can provide an extra pair of hands (or two or three) to get the job done.

Trade Show Exhibitor Packets

Give show participants an opportunity to spice up their booths without draining your budget. Southern Exhibition Services will supply personalized order forms (hard copy or electronic) for you to distribute to contracted vendors. Trade show exhibitors can request carpeting, tables, install and dismantle labor services, drayage, booth cleaning and porter service directly through our office.